Mary Cooch y Helen Foster

Before joining Moodle HQ, Mary Cooch taught languages (French and German) for 28 years in an English high school. In 2006 her school adopted Moodle and she fell in love with it and very quickly went on to show teachers in her school and elsewhere how to make the most of it, something she continues to do today with her books, videos and blog posts. Mary works as Moodle Community Educator, helping in the forums and with documentation and looking after the School demo and the Community Hub Once a teacher, still a teacher!

Helen works full-time for the Moodle project as Moodle sites manager. In addition to helping with site administration, Helen keeps an eye on all the other Moodle community sites, manages sites team projects and works closely with Moodle developers, in particular helping them understand and appreciate non-technical Moodle users' viewpoints. Prior to working for Moodle, Helen taught Mathematics for 13 years to students aged 11-18 and adults. Helen has also co-authored the book 'Using Moodle, Teaching with the Popular Open Source Course Management System', which is rather old now (it was written for Moodle 1.8) but is still available for download for free from Moodle Docs.

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